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What's the cost of working with Sonic Gods?

Every clients needs are completely unique, so every campaign is built from the ground up based on your goals. While our pricing is competitive, our team consists of some of the greatest talent in the world, and our time investment always exceeds the financial investment. Let us know your creative vision and we'll create a roadmap that makes sense for the growth and visibility you're looking for.

How long is a project?

Generally, after we define your goals, research your market opertunities and gather community growth data, we embark on a 6 month campaign that can consist of: Branding Media Production Digital Management and Growth Typically we partner with organizations for a minimum of 6 months, then renew every 6 months to a year there after to create expenential momentum and growth.

Who is your ideal client?

In one word? - Innovaters!
Ranging from corperate brands, to future tech pioneers, to artists and beyond! Our passion is to tell stories that are shaping the future. Our ideal clients are those who are revolutionizing industries and want to create a cultural movement around thier mission.

Why long term partnerships vs. one off projects?

Simply put - we invest everything into the clients we work with. Evolution doesn't happen from a one time video or social push. It happens from creating incredible strategies that compound and create momentum. These long term partnerships also enable us to give you the greatest value for your investment vs. one off projects. Our aim is to become your life long media partner. The supercharger to your growth. Your global visibility engine... Your missions become our missions. We are your ally in battle.