We brought together a brilliant team of visionaries that cover a unique spectrum of experience and wisdom. These collective minds allow us to create strategies, stories and solutions at the highest level for innovative, future building brands to thrive globally.


Born and raised just outside of Cambridge England, Chris was driven from a young age by big visions, out-of-the-box creativity, and global impact. After getting his BA in Business, he exploded onto the music scene as a composer and music producer for Universal publishing. This sparked his move to Los Angeles where he started his custom music and post-production house Sonic Gods servicing corporate brands such as DreamWorks, Unilever, and Lexus. During this time Chris consulted as a media strategist and creative director to brands around the world.

As his company grew into a full-service media agency, Chris recognized some major problems corporate companies were facing in media that he set out to solve. This led him to pivot Sonic Gods into marketing and advertising, sparking the recruitment of an even stronger team and the creation of a system that would lead the company to grow over 500% in 18 months with no outside capital. 


This system brought such a high level of value to clients that the company was able to disrupt the marketing and advertising industry, gaining clients like the city of Palm Springs, Desert Diamond Casinos, HyperloopTT and Belkin to name only a few. 

Today, Chris has expanded the Sonic Gods team and capabilities into business strategy and technology solutions to bring more value to clients and service industry leaders at the highest level.

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Michelle’s quest to create a positive impact in the world began at the age of 11 when she moved to an

Ashram and dedicated her time to serving those in need. As a gifted musician and singer, she moved into the entertainment industry where she became a finalist on American Idol building loyal a fanbase across the country. 


Through this journey nurturing her great vision for impact, Michelle became a deep student of behavioral psychology and started the now globally known organization No Girl Left Behind, which has been creating waves of empowerment for girls around the world. 


Negotiating multiple deals with global corporate partners and creating pioneering marketing strategies, Michelle became a powerful digital marketer and advertiser and now, adding to her mission of impact, leads as President of Sonic Gods.



Sam Cho is a true technologist that has been creating disruptive technology for 20 plus years. Starting his career with Masters degrees in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Sam became a standout leader in early gene therapy and was blessed to work on the first antibody-based cancer therapy, Rituxan, during an extensive career in biotechnology with Idec Pharmaceuticals and Biogen-Idec.    


Transitioning to a career in Intellectual Property, Sam’s experiences have included aiding companies in incubating and developing their ideas from initial stages of discovery through development and ultimately to market.


With his gift for innovation, Sam founded and ran the legendary company AdFormics. Sam originated and designed the PlayWall and GameWall platforms, creating mobile inventory that combines in-stream video and casual gaming for publishers, advertisers and creatives. 


As a deep pioneer in digital technology and the lead Tech Architect for Sonic Gods, Sam’s latest masterpiece includes the RocketBoost platform, which he and Sonic Gods are bringing to the mainstream market in a move that will revolutionize the landscape of digital wallet technology.

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Jaimsyne Blakely pioneered trendsetting industries into the national and global marketplace, created hundreds of success stories and increased the bottom line for various individuals, charitable organizations and the world’s most recognizable brands, including Apple, BMW, The Grammys, CBS, HBO, Avon, Ford and numerous others.


She was the creator of the marketing bonanza and media frenzy known as the Celebrity Gift Basket, as well as the originator of discounting luxury and personal care experiences online, i.e., spas, wine tastings, food festivals, etc, through the first online discount vendor, Goldstar Events.


As a Vision Architect for Sonic Gods Jaimsyne helps visionary leaders, CEO’s and innovators to discover the untapped potential of their business and creates a roadmap for future success.



A multi award-winning creative, Harry Karidis is no stranger to success at the highest level in the world of corporate media. As a producer, director and cinematographer of over 25 years and the founder of Karidis Productions, Harry lead projects for brands such as Marriott, Ritz Carlton, BMW, Coors and Palm Springs to name only a few.


In addition to his deep history as a creative, Harry is a true futurist. He was the co-founder and leader of ThinkTank 3D, a group of innovative thinkers working in the emerging 3D internet technologies. He also co-sponsored and led the VeColab group which culminated in a Summit held at Sony Studios bringing together leading companies in virtual environments which included design firms, educators, engineers, artists, writers, economists, film makers and 3D producers to advance the art and technology in interactive, immersive, experiences.


As a digital imagery thought leader, Harry understands how the 21st Century media landscape is evolving. He meets the technological revolution with an inexhaustible spirit of adventure and a hunger for knowledge. Harry tells immersive stories and creates highly persuasive and effective campaigns using the latest cultural research and digital technology. His innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit is shaping media landscapes in advertising, interactive-gamification and in 3D spaces.

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Gil has been a creative in TV and advertising for 20 years. He animated over 100 episodes of the show Southpark. With his media company, Nice Studios, he brought to life campaigns for brand powerhouses Coca Cola, Ben & Jerry’s, Vitaminwater, San Diego Zoo, Wells Fargo, Western Digital and others. 


Gil has worked in many different capacities throughout his career, including designer, animator, art director, creative director and producer.  Alongside the 'day job', Gil created one of the first video editing apps for the iPhone, wrote and produced a festival winning film, and worked as both a coach and mentor to notable up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

A true Renaissance man, Gil can be heard tapping out copy and scratching up drawings late into the night as he creates messaging and designs both for personal projects and for the world’s next great brands.



Growing up in Iran during the revolution around exploding bombs and gunfire, Sam Rad fled to the US where, from nothing, he rose like a phoenix to become a nationally renowned financial leader and public speaker. As the founder of one of the leading financial advisory firms in the US; Affluencer Financial, Sam has driven countless clients to wealth and profitability. For years, he has been a lecturer at UCLA and other notable universities teaching students the art and mastery of finance. 


Sam’s meteoric rise was not only due to his immense skill set, but to his heart-centered approach and method to financial wellbeing. The “Radical” method dives deep into the emotional and mental relationship with finance to unlock explosive power and clarity for the future ahead. 


As a profitability architect for Sonic Gods, Sam steps beyond old, conventional and obsolete methods of financial planning to help arm brands for the new economy.

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Mike Nicklas is a globally revered business leader with life and career highlights that most couldn’t fit into multiple lifetimes. Scholarship football star, 20-time marathon runner, multiple restaurant owner, founder of the successful Atlanta Limo company, Senior Vice President of Sales at Ralph Lauren, Executive Vice President at Nike, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Perry Ellis… The list literally goes on and on!


Today, in addition to his role as Business Development Architect at Sonic Gods, Mike is a retail leader and the President of Backflip Inc. making swimwear and apparel for some of the biggest brands in America, with clients such as COSTCO and Walmart.

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